Starburst Slot

Starburst Online Casino Slot: How to Play and Win Big

There may be a broad range of online slot games available, but there are a few that are considered fan favorites for a reason. Even among thousands of casino games that are easily accessible online, some tend to stand out from the crowd due to various features, payouts, and numerous addicting qualities.

If you’re searching for some of the most addicting gameplay and earnings, the Starburst online casino game is an excellent choice. However, to play the game to its fullest potential, you’ll need to understand how to play and win big by using its features to your advantage.

How to Play Starburst Casino Slot

The base gameplay is relatively simple, as it works like many other slot games, yet provides multiple ways to win. You can also use several strategies to increase your earnings, but we’ll get into that later. To start playing the game, you want to focus on collecting winning combinations among the 5 reels and 10 paylines that are available. Clearly, this leaves plenty of room for a wide variety of outcomes, and there’s more than one way to land a winning spin.

Although making combinations is the first step toward a win, you also want to pay close attention to the game’s wild symbols, as they can do a lot for your winnings. Moreover, the game allows combinations in both directions, which means you technically have 20 lines to land combinations. Overall, the game operates like any other casino slot, but you’ll want to know how to win to minimize your losses and increase your earnings.

Of course, you can utilize more than one approach, and Starburst offers many different symbol combinations that’ll work in your favor. Betting won’t take much of a financial investment, so you won’t have any issues testing various betting strategies to see what works best for you. There may be multiple strategies you can use, but understanding the value of each symbol is a good starting point. This will educate you on exactly how much you can win and what’s required to ensure your wins outweigh your losses.

What’s Needed to Win

To get a winning combination, Starburst requires the combinations to land on two opposite reels. Even if the game is randomized, this is pretty easy to do. How much you win entirely depends on the type of symbol combinations that come together, and you can get a look at how those symbols are valued in the table below.

Purple Diamond5x-25x
Blue Topaz5x-25x
Orange Citrine7x-40x
Yellow Diamond10x-60x
Lucky 725x-120x
Gold BAR50x-250x
Starburst Slot

Of course, a bigger multiplayer is what you’re aiming for, but the multiplier you receive is dependent on how many of the same symbols you land on a payline. For example, the Purple Diamond offers 5x for 3 on a payline, and you can get 25x for 5 on a payline. The multipliers increase with a larger combination, and the winnings can be substantial if you land a Lucky 7 or Gold BAR combination.

When it comes to each Starburst spin, players can bet between 1 and 10 coins on the 10 paylines. It’s also important to note that coins can be worth up to $2.00 each. When you take into account that it’s possible to win up to $50,000 with the right combinations, there’s plenty of incentive to increase your bets.

Special Features and Prizes

The Starburst game doesn’t provide a progressive jackpot, but it gives players many different ways to increase their winnings at every turn. On top of the various combinations and multipliers available through the standard symbols, players can also take advantage of a few unique features that can increase their earnings even further.

This mainly entails the use of the game’s wild symbols, which can affect the gameplay in more ways than one. A wild symbol looks like a shining star with eight points, and it enhances the advantages of the other symbols in the game. You get plenty of chances to land wild symbols as well, considering the game drops it on either the second, third, or fourth reels.

Some of the ways wild symbols can help you win include:

  • Activating free spins, which can lead to more wild symbols
  • They can be stacked for wild symbol combinations
  • Higher chances to win as wild symbols can be combined in either left or right
  • Free spins round can be re-activated up to three times with additional wilds

Depending on how much you bet and your luck during the game, wild symbols can significantly increase your winnings and make you much wealthier in the long run. There are different strategies you can use to ensure you win more than you lose. You’ll also find many chances to guarantee that your wins outweigh the damage of your losses.

Other Notable Features

Wild symbols may take a lot of the spotlight for interested players, but the game offers a handful of other features that you can use. With instant and auto-play, you can take some of the manual work that goes into the game. This is great for long gaming sessions and if you plan on playing the casino slot on a consistent basis.

One of the biggest selling points for Starburst is that it offers full functionality on mobile devices. So whether you’re on a desktop computer or a smartphone, you’ll be able to utilize all of the features the casino game has to offer. The features that Starburst provides are all catered to help players boost their earnings. You’ll give yourself a better chance of stacking your winnings when you mix different play and deposit strategies with the numerous standard combinations and wild symbols.

Many of the features that you’ll find in the Starburst game can be used in conjunction with each other as well. When you take into account the small bets you can place, the risk versus reward isn’t much of a problem. It all depends on how much you bet and the type of combinations you end up landing. Starburst offers more than one way to play the game if you’re unsure about making a deposit on your first spin.

The Free and Paid Version of Starburst Slot

If this is your first time testing out the Starburst game, you can try all of its features for free. With the free version of Starburst, you’ll be able to play the casino game in its entirety with free credits. This allows you to test out strategies and learn the ropes of what the game has to offer. Every time you land a winning combination, your free credits will be replenished, and you can continue to learn the ins and outs of the gameplay.

This is beneficial because it gives you a chance to build confidence in your strategies. Once you’re confident in your understanding of the game, you can dive into the real money version and give yourself a better chance of winning right from the start. It should be noted that if you run out of credits in the free version, the game will require you to make a real deposit to keep playing the game.