Play the Starburst Casino Slot Everywhere You Go

Although the Starburst casino slot game was released back in 2014, it continues to be a popular casino slot you can play online. This is due to its addicting gameplay and potential for high rewards.

Its features and specifications are easy to understand for new users, and the game offers plenty of replayability with quick turns and low betting requirements. This article is going to highlight some of the game’s best features while showing some unique advantages that new and existing players should take advantage of.

How the Starburst Casino Game Works

Whether it’s your first time playing online casino games or if you consider yourself a veteran, the Starburst game’s rules, strategies, and gameplay are easy to learn. The game is built with 5 rolls which offer a wide range of symbol combinations, and there are 10 paylines that give you plenty of betting options.

Some of the key characteristics of Starburst include

  • Minimum bet of 1 per line
  • Maximum bet of 10 per line
  • Multipliers of 5x to 250x
  • Can win up to $50,000
  • Free demo for new users

Regardless of your experience with gambling, many people prefer to give casino games a test run if possible. Thankfully, the Starburst demo offers a full-fledged demo that allows players to test out the features and gameplay it has to offer. This allows you to do more than just test out the game; you can also develop numerous strategies and playstyles before depositing any of your own funds.

Why the Starburst Demo is so Helpful

Nothing is holding you back from making a deposit and playing with real money, but if you want to increase your shot at landing a win, it’s a good idea to start with the demo version. It has all of the same features as if you were playing with real money, and you can play it as long as you have free credits on hand. With each spin, you’re bound to win or lose, and as long as you keep winning free credits, you can freely practice with the demo.

The moment you start with the demo, you’ll be provided a set amount of free credits. After that, it’s up to you to keep reeling them in for the free version to remain available. It’s advantageous to use the demo to your advantage as you can learn how the game performs with different scenarios and combinations.

Play Starburst Casino Slot on the Go

With the prevalence of technology in our everyday lives, it’s understandable that many people would want to play Starburst any time they want. This is entirely possible as the game is available for desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones. You won’t have to stress about whether your device is compatible as it’s available for iOS devices as well as Android devices, thanks to the Starburst APK.

The features and capabilities of the game don’t waver between the desktop and mobile versions. Whether you’re relaxing at home or playing on the go, you’ll be able to stack up your winnings with all of the same tools. Not only does this give you more time to play, but it also gives you the best chance of racking up your earnings with the help of symbol combinations, wild reels, and rare symbols. Below are the symbols that offer the most upside potential for your combinations.

SymbolsMultiplier & Earnings
Three Emerald Gemsx5 up to 500 coins
Diamondx5 up to 600 coins
Lucky 7’sx5 up to 1,200 coins
BARx5 up to 2,500 coins
starburst slot play

These are obviously only a handful of the potential combinations, but they offer some of the highest payouts. You can also earn quite a bit by combining standard symbols, but the rare symbols mentioned above are highly beneficial.

Using Strategies to Your Advantage

Playing Starburst isn’t entirely based on luck, as there are a handful of known strategies you can utilize. With the leveler strategy, this is a great option if you happen to be experiencing back to back losses. If you happen to reach 5 losses in a row, it’s wise to raise your bet by two levels. Then, you want to repeat this betting process any time you encounter 5 recurrent losses.

It’s also important to note that you should only raise the bet by four levels, as you still want to minimize your risk. Nevertheless, this is just one strategy you can use to combat your gaming experience and win.

There is a random nature to the Starburst game, but with the right choices, you can improve your chances of winning with each turn. Overall, the game provides multiple ways to win while minimizing your losses. You can either use known strategies or even develop your own after you’ve had some time to scope out the gameplay.